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COFE's Acryl Gouache Pack | Procreate

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Introducing the Acrylic Gouache Pack, a highly pigmented, highly concealable pack of acrylics.

These true-to-life, traditional coloring tools allow you to unleash your imagination with endless colors in Procreate.

The matte, fast-drying properties of acrylic gouache have been carefully crafted to be realistic, and we've tried to capture as much of the tactile sensation of using acrylic gouache in the real world as possible.

A total of 60 brushes are included, along with 16 different colored papers with attractive textures and 12 color palettes with rich hues for quick color selection.

There are tons of acrylic gouache brushes with different personalities with wet and dry textures.

It doesn't matter if you make a mistake while painting, the matte texture of acrylic brushes allows you to cover up the weird spots and keep painting over them.

Discover acrylic gouache brushes that develop an attractive texture the more you layer them.

Includes 16 high-resolution colored paper textures, each with a different muted color, to create different moods for your paintings.

There are 12 different Senneliar color palette sets to give you quick access to a wide range of colors.

If you'd like to take a closer look at the texture of the brushes, there is a sample PDF of strokes available at the link below.

Chunky Painting Bundle All Brush Stroke List PDF

The User Guidebook is about 40 pages long and includes instructions on how to install the brush packs and simple tips for using the brushes that are specific to each brush pack.

The guidebook is organized around easy-to-understand image explanations, so if you take your time and follow the steps in the guidebook, even if you're new to iPad and Procreate, you'll be able to install and use the app without any difficulty.

We've also included a collection of high-quality sample drawing images so you can zoom in and see the different textures each brush produces.

We've created a simple coloring book to help you get started coloring with sample drawings.

The digital coloring book is not available as a PDF file, but as a *.procreate artwork format file that can be opened in the Procreate app, and includes 10 coloring book per brush pack.

They include layered images that are just lines, so you can start coloring right away without having to sketch through the drawing layers.

If you're having trouble finding the right color in the color palette, you can touch and hold the sample drawing reference image and use the eyedropper feature to quickly pick out the color you want.

You might also want to play around with the Paper layer at the bottom, picking and placing paper textures in your favorite colors and then drawing on them.

Each brush pack comes with a coloring book file that contains 10 sample drawings of artwork and a collection of high-quality time-lapse video files of the drawing process.

You'll find it helpful to keep these images open as reference images as you color.

All of the sample drawings created are available as free products in the links below.

Chunky Painting Bundle Artworks PDF

Meet this attractive pack of acrylic gouache brushes for a clean, matte texture 🎨

Sample Drawing Process

Sample Drawing Collection


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Last updated Dec 27, 2023

Acryl Gouache Brush Set
Colored Paper Set for Acryl Gouache
Sennelier Color Swatch Set
High Resoloution Artwork Timelapse MP4 & Sample Drawing IMG
User Guide Book PDF for Acryl Gouache
Digital Coloring Book for Acryl Gouache (*.procreate)
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COFE's Acryl Gouache Pack | Procreate

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