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COFE's Ultimate Pencil Pack | Ver 1.0 | Procreate

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UPDATE List ✍️

Update 01

The FREE pencil brush set has been updated. (Updated April 22, 2022)

  • Added 3 Paper textures
  • +
  • Added COFE Pencil - F
  • Added Finger Smudge
  • Added Eraser - Hard

I think you'll need it. ✏️👆

Enjoy ❤

Hello, this is COFE.

We're excited to finally introduce the pencil brush pack we've been working on for a long time. This brush pack has been painstakingly crafted to reproduce all the characteristics of a realistic pencil in your digital drawings. From the smooth intensity of the pencil line to the natural graphite texture, everything has been perfected, making this an all-in-one pencil brush pack that can be used for everything from simple sketches to professional drawings. What's more, all pencil brushes can also be used as colored pencil brushes.

  • Pencil α - Stroke test

In addition to the pencil brushes, we've also included a paper stump brush and a finger smudge blending brush as a secondary brush configuration to give you more expressive options. The Paper Stump Brush can be used in both Basic Brush mode and Blending Brush mode, but it can look a little more realistic when used in Basic Brush mode. For finger smudge brushes, check the "A finger will always smudge" option in the gesture settings and use it as a finger touch.

Brush included in the pack

- 21 types of pencil brushes

- 1 type of mechanical pencil brush

- 1 type of Conte brush

- 2 types of charcoal shading brushes

- 2 types of paper stump brush

- 1 type of finger smudge brush

- 2 types of eraser brushes

This brush pack contains a total of 30 different types of brushes, with 15 realistic paper textures and 8 color swatch sets as bundle bonuses.

For those who want something lighter, we've also included 3 free pencil brushes.

These are sample brushes provided for consumers to see what they're made of before purchasing, but they're just as polished and usable as the paid brushes.

No two pencil brushes feel the same, and each one has a different appeal, so you can choose the one that matches the mood of what you want to draw. The texture of the brush can be rough or smooth, depending on the resolution of your canvas. We recommend creating and using a 4K resolution canvas if you want a smooth and detailed drawing, or a 2K resolution canvas if you prefer a rougher, more painterly feel.

Additionally, a slightly higher pressure setting is required to achieve a realistic pencil brush. Please refer to the image below for more details.

Important points when using a product ⚠️

A slightly higher pen pressure setting is needed to express the feeling of a more realistic pencil. Before using the product, set it as shown in the pen pressure option image below before using it. If you use the brush in a basic pressure setting state, the lines may appear faint or the wrist may be heavily pressed.

Personally, I'm mainly using option number 1, which has a good soft feel.

For more information on how to use it, please refer to the user guide video.

How To Use -

Sample Drawing -

* This set of brushes is made in Procreate version 5.2.5.

* Device used - iPad Pro 3rd Generation 12.9 with Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

Sample Drawing 1

Sample Drawing 2

Sample Drawing 3

Sample Drawing 4

Sample Drawing 5

Sample Drawing 6

Sample Drawing 7

Brush Sets Used - Ultimate Pencil Pack 2.0 / Printed by Epson SureColor SC-P704

PSD Mockup Image Sample 1

PSD Mockup Image Sample 2

PSD Mockup Image Sample 3

If you want to see more artwork, check out my Instagram.

  • After you've tried the product, give it an open and honest rating. It's okay to leave a low rating. I believe that the consumer's eye is accurate, no matter how you look at it. Your ⭐ rating is a very helpful support for my creative work.

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Last updated Dec 27, 2023

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COFE's Ultimate Pencil Pack | Ver 1.0 | Procreate

500 ratings
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