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This brush set is a free brush included in the Ultimate Pencil Pack.

Created using the images and textures built into the ProCreate app, it's lightweight yet powerful.

Create your own sensuous artwork with a realistic pencil brush that goes well with any drawing.

UPDATE List ✍️

Update 01 - Updated April 22, 2022

  • Added 3 Paper textures
  • +
  • Added COFE Pencil - F
  • Added Finger Smudge
  • Added Eraser - Hard

I think you'll need it. ✏️👆

Enjoy ❤

Important points when using a product ⚠️

A slightly higher pen pressure setting is needed to express the feeling of a more realistic pencil. Before using the product, set it as shown in the pen pressure option image below before using it. If you use the brush in a basic pressure setting state, the lines may appear faint or the wrist may be heavily pressed.

Personally, I'm mainly using option number 1, which has a good soft feel.

COFE Pencil - F

COFE Pencil - B Hard Rough

COFE Pencil - B Rough

If you want to see more artwork, check out my Instagram.

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COFE's Free Pencil Set | Procreate

128 ratings
I want this!