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COFE's Real Watercolor Pack | Procreate

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A separate pressure setting is required to use my brush pack. Change the pressure setting to one of the images below and use it! If you use the normal pressure setting, the lines may come out faintly or you may put a lot of force on your hands.

Hello Guys!

I made a brand-new Watercolor Brush Pack.

Includes 232 custom brushes, 20 upgraded color palettes, and 40 paper textures.

40 Paper Textures

In addition, 12 preset canvas files with high-quality paper textures are included so that you can easily draw watercolor-like pictures right away.

12 Watercolor Canvas Preset

You can also select 10 attractive paper textures as an additional product at a price of $1.5, so please take a look.

10 Paper Textures (additional product)

And 2 paper texture brushes that can easily apply paper texture are added as a bonus.

2 Paper Texture Brushes (Bonus)

Drawing Tutorial & How to Use PDF

Brush Test Paper

  • Watercolor Brush Test

  • Watercolor Sample Drawing

I hope you like it as much as it has been painstakingly made for a long time.

thank you :)

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Last updated Dec 27, 2023

232 Custom Brushes & More Things

Watercolor Brushes
Watercolor Stamp Brushes
Gouache Brushes
High-res Watercolor Canvas Preset
High-res Paper Textures
Bonus Paper Texture Brushes
Color Swatch Set
Drawing Tutorial PDF
User Guide PDF
Brush Test Paper
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COFE's Real Watercolor Pack | Procreate

10 ratings
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