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COFE's Ultimate Pencil Pack | Ver 2.0 | Procreate, Photoshop, Clip Studio

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✔ Please check before purchasing the product.

Please check the separate products for each program carefully before purchasing the product. This product is divided into versions for 3 different programs and will only work properly with the corresponding program. (For example, the ProCreate version will not work with the Clip Studio program) If you want a product that works with all 3 programs, you can choose the ALL IN ONE package product for $59.

The ProCreate version comes in 3 different forms. BASIC, PLUS, and PRO, priced at $16, $19, and $24 respectively.

I know you're thinking that the way this product is organized is complicated. Because there are so many components in the product, we were concerned that it would be too expensive if we sold it all at once, so we've created separate versions and individual purchases.

For Photoshop and Clip Studio, the brushes included in the PRO version of ProCreate have been converted to work in those programs. There is no separate product, just the PRO version, which is priced at $15.

A more detailed breakdown of what's included in each product is outlined in the UPP 2.0 Preview product that I posted as a free product, so I highly recommend checking out that PDF file first before purchasing.

UPP 2.0 Preview PDF

UPP 2.0 Artworks PDF

Digital products are difficult to refund once you've downloaded and received the product. If you mistakenly purchase a product that isn't compatible with your environment, there's nothing the seller can do about it, which can put both you and the seller in a difficult situation. With a physical product, you can resolve the issue by simply taking the item back and refunding the appropriate amount, but with digital products, it's impossible for the seller to take back a product that has already been delivered. Even if a buyer deletes a product without using it, there's no way to prove it to the seller. For this reason, we want to make sure that you're aware of the non-refundable nature of the product before you purchase it.

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Thank you.

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Hello everyone :)

We're excited to introduce the all-new " Ultimate Pencil Pack Ver 2.0 ".

Made for people who love PENCILS.

It's designed to be a universal product, compatible with a wide range of programs.

This brushpack was created exclusively for Procreate, but is also fully compatible with Photoshop and Clip Studio.

All the tools included in this brushpack will help you create incredibly realistic digital pencil drawings.

Whereas the original 1.0 pencil brushes focused on capturing the feel of a traditional pencil, the 2.0 version of the pencil brushes has many improvements to make them more realistic, and includes a whole new range of pencil brushes to give you a feel for what it's like to draw on different textures.

It's packed with tons of useful tools for creating traditional-looking digital pencil drawings: realistic pencil brushes with gorgeous graphite textures, basic 30 high-resolution paper textures, and sub tools to create your own paper textures.

The PRO package includes 102 brushes, and with the additional sets available for purchase separately, you'll get a total of 120 brushes and 45 paper textures. We've included a PDF file with more details on each component to preview, so you can check out the textures and additional tools before you purchase.

We've separated our products so that you can buy only the components you need separately, and you can save more if you buy them in a bundle.

Each program comes with its own user guide PDF file for easy installation. The PDFs provide detailed instructions for installing the brush packs, so you can refer to them as you go.

You also get a drawing guidebook with a total of 241 pages. The Drawing Guidebook contains a total of 22 drawing examples, with detailed text descriptions for each cut to help you learn step-by-step. Each table of contents item is linked so that you can quickly jump to the content you need.

A PDF file with more details about each component is available for preview only, so you can see what the brushes look like and what the sub tools are before you buy.

You get 2 pieces of artwork, 2 paper textures, and a preview PDF file for free.

Link to preview files -

The image below is a list of brush sets that have been converted for Photoshop and Clip Studio use only.

★To celebrate the launch of our new product, we're offering a 25% discount code for the limited 300 users.

Discount Code - UPP2

Infinite analog sensations in the digital world.

Experience the magic of Apple Pencil working like a real pencil.

- List of Sample Strokes per Brush

  • Pencil γ & Finger Smudge 2.0

  • Pencil δ & Finger Smudge 2.0

  • Pencil Canvas 8

  • Charcoal Shading Bloom

  • Finger Smudge 2.0

  • Paper Stump Light 2.0

  • Magic Eraser Rough

  • Hatching Shading 5

  • Hatching Shading 13

  • Vintage Gold

  • Gold Chips

  • Gold Powder

  • Paper Texture 45

  • Paper Texture 48

- Artwork List

Please check out the provided preview file for more details.

Thank you very much.

Have a nice day :)

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Non-refundable after product download and receipt

Digital products are non-refundable after the point of delivery to the buyer. Please make sure that this product is compatible with your work environment before purchasing.

Last updated Dec 27, 2023

Basic Brush
+ Pencil Brush
Hatching Shading Brush
Sub Effect Brush
Paper Texture Brush
Paper Making Tool (Procreate Artwork File)
UPP 2.0 PRO for Photoshop
UPP 2.0 PRO for Clip Studio
TBB BONUS Set for each program (18 Brushes + 15 Paper Textures)
Basic Paper Texture
Color Swatch Set
Total Brush & Paper Texture
120 Brushes + 45 Paper Textures
Procreate, Photoshop, Clip Studio
Commercial Usage
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COFE's Ultimate Pencil Pack | Ver 2.0 | Procreate, Photoshop, Clip Studio

11 ratings
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